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Discover our campsite Voie Verte Morbihan, in Ploërmel

On the edge of the Lac au Duc, the largest natural lake in Brittany, with secure access, the Voie Verte campsite is located in a green setting where the calm of the water and abundant vegetation are combined. In addition to the rest you can enjoy on the beach of the lake, you will have access to the greenways for a bike ride and many hiking trails. The magic of the place is completed by its proximity to the legendary Brocéliande forest… Discover also Malestroit, Josselin and la Gacilly, unmissable stops around the Taupont campsite;

The Tour du Lac au Duc, in your greenway bike campground

14 km bike ride in the heart of nature

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The circuit of the Lac au Duc is located on the commune of Ploërmel, Morbihan (56) and makes approximately 14 kilometers. This route, entirely dedicated to soft traffic, runs along the banks of the Etang au Duc before joining the greenway and the GR37 trail.

Make a stop at Lac au Duc during your trip on the greenway in Brittany

For those who have a taste for adventure and want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, Camping du Lac in Taupont is an excellent option. The campsite offers spacious, quiet and well equipped pitches. The campground is also one of the few campgrounds near the greenway. It is located next to a large body of water where you can swim or canoe if you want to make your trip more adventurous or if you just want to relax or cool off on a hot day.

Camping Du Lac in Taupont : Bike greenway

What is the greenway?

The best way to keep a city green and healthy is to create an environment where people can move safely and feel comfortable. The Greenway is a traffic-free route for pedestrians and cyclists that offers safety, convenience and tranquility to those who use it.
A greenway is a development on its own site reserved for non-motorized traffic. It is intended for pedestrians, cyclists, rollerbladers, people with reduced mobility and horse riders. A greenway is generally a street or roadway that has been designed to limit the use of motor vehicles and encourage physical activity by providing safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle routes.

Where to take the green way in Ploërmel, in Brittany ?

Ideal for cyclists, it starts near the forest of Broceliande, crosses Tréhorenteuc before passing Ploërmel. It then joins the canal from Nantes to Brest (6 km south of Ploërmel).
The Voie Verte Messac-Ploërmel crosses the Vilaine to the Voie Verte Mauron-Questembert. The road from Messac to Guer (Ille-et-Vilaine) is made of compacted sand. In Morbihan, from Guer to Ploërmel, the Voie Verte alternates compacted sand, two-layer and smooth coating. It crosses the Breton bocage and follows the Oyon from Guer to beyond Augan.


This greenway is built on a disused railroad line and links the Vilaine to Mauron-Questembert. This greenway was developed by the General Council of Morbihan so that cyclists can now travel safely from Rennes to Redon.


The ride quality on the first part from Messac to Guer (25 km) is quite homogeneous and good. On the other hand, the quality is excellent from Guer to Ploërmel (22 km). From Augan to Ploërmel (10 kilometers) the greenway is mostly asphalted, which makes the experience very smooth.
Beware, however, that the crossings are poorly developed: no clear signs, no information on speed limits and no markings for the crossing. Finally, picnic areas are set up in the ports of Messac-Guipry, Lieuron and Maure-de-Bretagne.

The course

In Messac, the Voie Verte starts on the right bank of the Vilaine: before the bridge, pass in front of the Tourist Office and turn towards the apple factory “La Fermière” which is located about 50m from here. The Voie Verte crosses the river La Vilaine at 200m from the start. It continues on a shaded slope and crosses many small towns such as Guer. The line leaves the old railroad at some point and begins to follow an industrial track. From Augan, the Voie Verte follows the valley of the Oyon. From there, it is possible to reach the village by taking the D134 towards Caro, then changing to the C4 towards Monterrein.
The Voie Verte is closed by the N24 near Ploërmel and is only accessible by car or bicycle. The well-marked route takes a shared lane over a municipal road to pass, again, over the N24 before returning to the expressway and joining the old line. We recommend taking the Voie Verte from Ploërmel to Mauron. It joins there, in Ploërmel, the Voie Verte Questembert-Mauron. You must take this one which runs towards the canal, and at the beginning of the descent turn right.
The landscape around the Greenway is mainly composed of agricultural and forested land. The hedges and trenches that cross it, as well as some crossings with woods, accentuate the experience.

TER access

Take the TER service of Messac-Guipry station, on the Rennes-Redon line.

Camping Du Lac in Taupont : Bike greenway

Where does the greenway start in France?

The Voie Verte trail starts at the Montcy-Notre-Dame bridge, located 1.5 km from the center of Charleville-Mézières.

Where are the greenways?

Greenways are pedestrian and bicycle routes typically found on canal and river towpaths, former railroad tracks, coastal parkways and forest roads. These paths make it easy to get from one place to another without having to deal with motorized vehicles.

Which bike for greenway ?

The bicycle is recognized by the acronym “VTC” which means “Vélo Tout Chemin”. This is a bike that will allow you to ride on relatively simple terrain: paved road, towpath, etc.
Bicycles can be used for all kinds of trips that combine cycling, walking and hitchhiking with public transport.
Some ways to do this are bicycle touring or bicycle touring that combines cycling and camping as well as itinerant tourism. A cycle route is a medium and long distance route for cyclists, on departmental, regional or national roads.
These routes should be linear, continuous and marked with signs and sidewalks for safety and ease of use. Bicycle paths connect the regions and make it possible to cross the cities in good conditions. They are located on pleasant routes, with a minimal difference in altitude (no more than 3%) and should be usable even for the less experienced among us.

Take advantage of your stay in Brittany in our campsite to cycle on the coast or in the forest, on the old railroads and towpaths, inland, along the canals and rivers for day trips and weekends. Do all of this on a backpacking trip and take time to sleep in a campsite to continue enjoying your trip day and night. We offer many accommodations: mobile homes, chalets and unusual accommodation. If you prefer to come in a tent, we have many places available.

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